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Some Reasons WHY we don't respect Jeff Gordon

Description of Nascar Fans??
Are you a Backwoods Ignoramous....otherwise called a "goober", that only understands "Deliverance" mentality, and at the mention of Jeff Gordons name you start
"Leaking oil from your Brain Pan"?

Do you only Boo Jeffy because you're a "Goober"? Do your bellies all peek out of Ford shirts? Were all of us NASCAR Fans born in Coon Hollow TN? Or are we Cave Dwellers?
Do you like being told your gene pool is
strictly for wading, just because you don't like
or respect
Jeff? And that you didn't even make qualifying to get into the human race?

NO?? Well, Martin Fennelly a Tampa Tribune Sports Columnist thinks that's what
All Racin Fans
that don't like or respect Jeff Gordon are like.
His article,
Gordon-haters will be angry for long time.

Read our response, along with other NASCAR Fans
response to Mr Fennelly

We encourage you to respond to him also!

From a Jeff Gordon Fan Club Member
Reprinted from NASCAR Winston Cup Scene, November 19, 1998 Issue

Angry Over Gordon Fan Club Suites

To The Editor:
I am writing on behalf of many of the people who attended the Jeff Gordon Fan
Club suites at Atlanta Motor Speedway for the season finale.

Last year was the first time fan clubs could rent suites at Atlanta Motor
Speedway and for $550 per person we were able to go to a suite, fully catered,
and enjoy the weekend. We hoped maybe someone from the team or Jeff would
come up and spend a half hour between three suites to say hi to us fans.

However, a championship was in the air and to top that off, the primary car
crashed on pit road, the backup car was brought out, and a third car was brought
in from the team shop in Harrisburg, N.C. After the events leading up to race
day, all we wanted was to get the championship and we all agreed that was the
goal of the weekend.

While other teams decorated their suites last year, ours were not dressed out
in the team colors. We wanted the championship and by the end of the day, Jeff,
Ray Evernham and the "Rainbow Warriors" delivered. We were tickled and
when all was said and done, Jeff Gordon fans had met and said this was the way to
go. Many of us had our minds made up last year that we wanted to come back
this year and do it again.

Leave it to the team to deliver one of the most impressive records of all time.
We were counting down the days to this year's weekend at Atlanta in November.
We wanted to decorate our suites. We wanted to celebrate this year big and
with the Rainbow Warriors clenching the championship in Rockingham, we felt
Atlanta would be a three-day celebration.
Boy were we burned.

It turns out we paid $50 more per person to our fan club to get the three-day package
than other fan clubs. While the Pettys, Bill Elliott and the Earnhardt family could take the time to come up to the suites or invite their fans down to a hospitality tent Sunday morning to say hi and talk to you, like NASCAR says, "This sport is fan oriented,"
what did Gordon's fans get in their suites? Nothing! No one had the time to come up.

It seems to me and many of the other people who attended this event for the
second time, why be a member of this fan club? Maybe with all of the management and
talent agencies that surround Jeff these days,
the fans are the least priority.

All I can say is after this year as a member of this fan club, I am dissappointed that this
year neither Jeff nor the Rainbow Warriors could take a half hour of their time to
come up and make an appearance. To top it off, we wanted to decorate our suites
and according to the representatives from the fan club, the decorations were
lost in shipment. Sure.

Bruce and Michelle Gotthardt
Carroll, Ohio

Well, Gordon's fans speak for themselves! Way to go Jeff.

Modern Day Records...Hog Wash...Media Hype
1998 Season - 13 Wins does not a King make

Jeff Gordon won his 13th race of the season in what has been promoted as tying the "King's", Richard Petty's, "modern day record". Well, for those who haven't been watching our beloved sport for more than just a few years, here is some interestings stats, courtesy of the Wizards, for you to sink your teeth into......

1963-Richard Petty-14 Wins
1964-Ned Jarrett-15 Wins
1967-Richard Petty-27 Wins- in 48 races
1968-Richard Petty and David Pearson-16 Wins
1969-Bobby Isaac-17 Wins
1970-Richard Petty-18 Wins
1971-Richard Petty-21 Wins- in 46 races
1975-Richard Petty-13 wins in 30 races
(Not in 33 races as Gordon did this year)
And if ya really wanna get technical......1987-Dale Earnhardt-11 Wins in only 29 races.

(Source: Stock Car Racing Encyclopedia)

Who decided what is modern day records and what is just plain records? Who is the guru who decided to over look these records to accomodate Jeffy? It doesn't matter how many numbers or races or records Jeff Gordon notches in his belt, he can never, never, NEVER fill the shoes of the Richard Petty, the King of Stock Car Racing!

After the Pepsi Southern 500 at Darlington - Sept 6, 1998

During a post race interview on MRN, Dale Earnhardt said,
"We finished in the top five again, and that puts us in the No Bull 5 again, but we don't need to give Gordon all the money. Him and his team are awful good.  They're doing the job. He'd better ride that horse while it's running. That thing might break a leg."

That's about the same thing we think about it.

Jeff of course thanked God again for His blessings and the victory, but then he said,
"God must have been driving the car for part of the race"
- MRN Radio Live Interview -

There are a lot of drivers out there who believe in God and thank Him for His blessings in there lives.  God
loves all of us Jeffy (not just you), BUT God is NOT going to drive your car for you!!  He will NOT do our jobs for us....NOT for any of us!  He blesses us with gifts and talents and good people around us, BUT HE will NOT, NOT, NOT drive your car for you Bucko! 

The following email received from a Jeff Gordon fan prompted us to create this page:

Subj: Web Page
Date: 8/17/98 9:51:45 PM Eastern Daylight Time
From: JG24Numbr1@aol.com
To: Blk3GM@aol.com

First, I gotta tell you......your web page is impressive. Great job! Except, of course, for the JG content. As you can tell by my e-mail address, I am a diehard Jeff Gordon fan. However, that doesn't keep me from visiting other driver's sites, nor does it keep me from acknowledging the talents of all WC drivers, and their fans. I don't see that in your site. It sure is distressing to continually come across NASCAR fans like you who insist on bashing JG. JG is exactly where your #3 man was a few years ago......dominant. I'm sure you weren't bashing The Intimidator then. Just realize that (unfortunately) JG's time will come too, and learn to acknowledge everyone's talents as they're displayed. It is a family sport afterall. I can see in your site that you and your daughter share the love of the sport. That is great. It's just unfortunate that love has to depend on your dislike of JG. Just my opinion........

Our response:
Subj: Re: Web Page
Date: 8/18/98 12:26:04 PM Eastern Daylight Time
From: Blk3GM@aol.com
To: JG24Numbr1@aol.com

Hey JG24 Number1,

Thanks for stopping by our web site. We appreciate you compliments on the site. We work hard on it.

Of course, as you say you are just stating your opinion, we hope that you will respect ours. After all this is a site paying tribute to Dale Earnhardt. We like most all of the Winston Cup drivers and try to congratulate them when they do well. It doesn't matter if they drive a Chevy, Ford or Pontiac. Of course we always are pullin' for Dale Earnhardt. But if he isn't in a position to win we pull for just about any body but Jeff Gordon.

It is not that Jeff is not a talented driver or that Ray is not a talented crew chief. We just don't respect Jeff. Jeff's step-dad and mother sacrificed tremendously for Jeff to be able to succeed. Even, moving from their home in California (where Jeff was born) and moving to Indiana so Jeff could legally race at 8 years old (due to the age limits). They sacrificed time, effort and money to help Jeff succeed. However, when Jeff won the Nascar Future Legend Award, he humbly thanked his wife and Hendricks Motorsports, but not one word about his parents! Have you ever heard him at the conclusion of a race while standing in victory lane say thanks to them for all they have done to help him get there?

Yes, Nascar is a family oriented sport and that is one of the biggest reasons we love it. And most drivers during their careers express gratitude toward their parents for helping them, supporting them and caring for them.

Dale Earnhardt to this day still thanks his dad (who has been dead for twenty years) and says he would give it all back to have his dad back. Listen to Dale Jr., thank his dad. I think that's pretty respectful.

Mark Martin drove his heart out last Sunday (August 16, 1998) to honor his dad.

Shortly after Jeff entered Winston Cup he hired a promotional firm, which is not uncommon these days, to help promote his image. Jeff would rather thank the promotional firm than thank his parents. Even Ray Evernham showed a little disgust earlier this year at Charlotte when Jeff showed up late for practice and Terry Labonte had to take Jeff's car out to run some laps. Ray was asked, "Where is Jeff". Rays response was, " I don't know, you will have to ask his promotional people."

Another reason we don't respect Jeff is because of his treatment of fans. Fans are the life blood of this sport. The King, Richard Petty, to this day can still not understand Jeff's treatment or lack of treatment toward fans. Richard Petty, at Daytona this year (1998) even commented on Jeff's attitude toward fans and how Jeff did not appreciate them.

Jeff has been known to ignore fans, refuse to sign a cap or t-shirt because it was not his or approved by his promotional backers.

Jeff would much rather thank his car owner, Hendrick's, a known and convicted felon. Then in the same breath "Thank the Lord" for helping him win. What about one of the 10 commandments that instructs us to "honor our Father and Mother". Opps, guess Jeff skipped over that one. After all it was his step-dad who worked with Jeff in his formative years helping to develop the talent that he has. Hendrick only gives him a platform on which to display the talent.

And finally, Ray Evernham himself says they work the "gray areas" of the rule book.  And I quote, "I want people to know that we don't cheat, we just take advantage of the gray area of the rule book -- and that's not really legal, but not really illegal, either.''--Ray Evernham .  You can read that article at Where's the line between a champion and a cheater.

Sounds like something President Clinton said last night (Aug 17, 1998). I didn't really lie, but I didn't tell the whole truth either.

Well the way I was raised (and I am 42 now) a half-truth is not the truth and not telling the whole story to hide the truth is the same as a lie.

These are the reason we do not respect Jeff Gordon. It has nothing to do with his talent and we are not bashing. His words or lack thereof, as well as his actions, speak louder than anything we could say or write.

Hope you have a great day.

Our buddy, Racin' Bob also replied to the above Jeffy fan by sending the email below

I read your letter about Jeff Gordon over at Gary's Earnhardt Page. On behalf of all Gordon bashers everywhere, I'd like to set the record straight. You mention Gordon being in the same position Earnhardt was a few years ago. That may be true as far as success on the track, but far from the truth in more important matters. Earnhardt has always recognized where he came from and made sure his dad got credit for making him what he is. My man, Mark Martin has always done the same. At last years awards banquet, Jeff couldn't even remember to thank his parents for their sacrifices. He managed to heap praise on Hendricks and Evernham, but the people he dumped when he hired a PR firm weren't even mentioned.

You mentioned NASCAR being a family sport. Here's a little something from an interview with Ray Evernham from the October 31, 1997 issue of USA Today. While you read it, remember his son was diagnosed with leukemia the day after his first birthday.

"My son is 6 years old, and I don't spend near as much time with him as I should," he says. "I'd like to say, 'Yeah, I love my son and he comes first', but my actions would prove me a liar."  "Other than his first birthday, I've missed all the rest," he adds, his voice finally cracking. "I live with guilt every day because God gave me a son he could have taken, and I'm not paying close attention."

It's not like I needed another reason to dislike the Rainbow Boys, but as a father, that was the capper. I lost all respect for Evernham as a man.

One more thing. How proud are you Gordon fans feeling about Rick Hendricks being a convicted felon? It's not just a dislike for little Jeffy, it's a revulsion to the entire organization, from the top down.   We Gordon bashers have our reasons. If the people jumping on the Gordon bandwagon would look past the image, they'd see why he's disliked with such intensity.

Just wanted to straighten up any confusion. We're not just a bunch of good old boys who dislike him because he's winning. It's much deeper than that.

Bob (Racin' Bob's Home Page)

Our Comments after the Pepsi 400 in Michigan - August 16, 1998

YUK!  Jeffy wins again.  Puke!!! Yuk!!!!
With 20 laps to go he comes in for a two tire pit stop and with 8 laps to go passes Mark Martin for the lead and is 2 miles an hour faster than the rest of the field!  That dog don't hunt! Not unless something funny is going on. I am tired of the Jeff show and I think the fans in the stands told the story when
Jeff got out of the car in victory lane....
Then for Jeff to express concern for Mark and the loss of his father was great BUT has anybody ever heard Jeffy one time publicly thank his parents or express gratitude to them? Nope!  You would think that on a day like today when everybody was focused on the death of Mark Martins father that Jeff would have at least stopped for a moment to acknowledge his step-dad and mother who made tremendous sacrifices to enable Jeff to succeed!  After all NASCAR is about Family!

No doubt the 24 team has it together but maybe the "gray areas" of the rule book that Ray's been working in need a closer look by NASCAR.    "I want people to know that we don't cheat, we just take advantage of the gray area of the rule book -- and that's not really legal, but not really illegal, either.''--Ray Evernham

Even Dale Jarrett in a post race interview on MRN said "It was really fun racing Bobby and Mark,
but that 24 bunch .... seems to out smart us or SOMETHING every time.

"Everybody had Gordon beat," Todd Parrott, Dale Jarrett's crew chief, remarked, "and then they put the miracle tires on. That must be the same set they put on at Charlotte."
from Tony Johns article at SpeedWorld

When asked by commentators, "Where did you come from", Jeffy, himself said, "I don't know "(yeah, right). "I didn't deserve this".  And Nascar OnLine quotes Jeff as saying, "But the car just seemed to run better. I don't know. You can call me Houdini today because there was something magic out there. It was a miracle. The car came to life for 17 laps. I just couldn't believe it."
Jeffy, you really expect us to believe
you are Houdini!! YUK!!
Maybe Ray is with the way he "fixes" the car!

And in the words of Jeff Burton after the conclusion of the race (RPM2nite):
"ahh, it's just ridiculous that he won that race."

Goody's Headache Powder 500 - Bristol, TN - August 22, 1998

We don't know if they broadcast it on ESPN, but during the post race comments Jeffy blamed his 5th place finish on having a cold!  Jeffy, try racing with some broken body parts and then we'll really see what you are made of!  (Note:  we Do Not wish anyone injured, it is just that many drivers have raced with far worse than a cold and we think it is pretty funny for Jeffy to say he didn't do well because he had a cold!  So did all the fans at Bristol and they let him know what they thought of his comments.)
 Ok, we'll send you some Kleenex for your cold.

??  Things that make you wonder  ??

More Miracle tires for the Miracle Mile?

New Hampshire Farm Aid 300 - Aug 30th- Loudon, NH
Jeffy wins, again .....  (Yuk!)
Once again the Rainbow Team pulls out some more "miracle tires" and floats off to another victory.  The 24 car had not been a factor in winning the race all day.  In fact Jeffy was barely able to lead the first lap of the race and didn't lead again until 67 laps to go when Ray reached into his bag of tricks and pulled out two more "miracle tires".  You reckon they are the same tires the other 42 teams get??

We got a tip from our buddies Wayne and Dena Willard of
Wizard's Earnhardt Page
about NASCAR inspecting the 24 team and the 6 team following
Sunday's running of the CMT 300.
There is also an article about this at ESPN SportZone.

Mark Martin and Jeff Gordon had their pit stalls scrutinized after the CMT 300.

After Sunday's race Jack Roush, owner of Roush Racing, hinted that there was
something fishy going on with Gordon's car.
"The (No. 24) car is running around there as a fourth through 10th-place car on four tires and puts two tires on at the end and picks up seven- or eight-tenths (of a second)," Roush said. "That's really incredible. I don't know anyone else that can do that."

In two of the last three races, Gordon's crew chief Ray Evernham has made a daring late-race call to try and help an ill-handling car by putting on two right-side tires under a caution flag.

"For the past three or four weeks there has been a perception that has been building that there could possibly be something going on with tires," Helton said. "We simply chose today as the moment to eliminate that as an option of something that is happening or find out if there is."
(Mike Helton is Vice President of NASCAR)

The puzzle to most was how a car on two new tires could outrun a car on four. You could believe it at Michigan, where Gordon needed to go only 18 laps to the end. Sunday, he had 63 laps to run after the cold-tire restart.

"Four tires should be faster than two, as many laps as we had to run on them," Martin crew chief Jim Fennig said. Asked whether he'd like to have the other two tires from the set Gordon drew his two, Fennig smiled and said, "No comment."(SpeedNet Article)

Top 10 penalties in NASCAR Winston Cup history:

Person penalized Violation Date Penalty

1. Ray Evernham

Unapproved suspension parts May 1995 $60,000

2. Ricky Rudd
Bill Ingle

Hydraulic lift deck lid

April 1995 $45,000
3. Junior Johnson
Mike Beam
Unapproved intake February 1995 $45,000
4. Robin Pemberton Carburetor spacer February 1990 $40,000/
46 points
5. Bill Davis
Randy LaJoie
Chris Hussey
hydraulic lift deck lid February 1995 $25,000
6. Richard Petty large engine October 1993 $35,000/
104 points
7. Robin Pemberton Car too low May 1996 $25,000
8. Robin Pemberton unapproved roof flaps July 1996 $20,000
9. Mike Beam Unapproved deck lid August 1995 $20,000
10. Numerous fines of ...


Source: NASCAR

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