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Earnhardt Jr. honored in Beverly Hills...It was quite a year for Dale Earnhardt Jr. And Friday night he was honored as the 1998 NASCAR Busch Series Grand National Division champion in the annual awards banquet at the Regent Beverly Wilshire Hotel in Beverly Hills.

The season wasn't supposed to end like this for Earnhardt Jr. Maybe a couple of wins and a top-five finish in the standings, and then he'd be ready to challenge for the title in 1999. Well, not only did he challenge for the crown, but he won it in convincing fashion in his first full year on the circuit. And at times, he almost seemed downright invincible. But despite his sudden fame and fortune, the champ insists he's still the same old Dale Earnhardt Jr. More Banquet Coverage

Poll, who will win the Daytona 500 Go submit your vote at Speed Magazine News Journal for Jeff Gordon, Dale Earnhardt, Dale Jarrett, Mark Martin, Bobby Labonte, Rusty Wallace, Jeremy Mayfield, other. Thanks Bob (Win8Dale) for sending us this link.

1998 certainly was Earnhardt Jr.'s year (NASCAR Online) It wasn't supposed to be Dale Earnhardt Jr.'s year. Maybe a couple of wins and a top-five finish in the NASCAR Busch Series Grand National Division standings in 1998, and then he'd be ready to challenge for the title in 1999. Well, not only did he challenge for the crown, but Earnhardt Jr. won it in convincing fashion in his first full year on the circuit. And at times, he almost seemed downright invincible.

But it wasn't exactly easy. Matt Kenseth, who has become one of Earnhardt Jr.'s good friends, battled the champion to the bitter end. Kenseth refuses to torture himself with the questions of "What if." All that will do is drive him crazy. And it certainly wouldn't bring him the title, which he lost by only 48 points.

On Friday, Earnhardt Jr. will take time from his busy schedule to chat with NASCAR Online users at 5:15 p.m. ET. Submit your questions now, and ask Earnhardt about his amazing season or his bright future. The rest of the top-10 drivers will participate in a special RealAudio chat session, too. Submit your best questions now, then listen in as they answer questions live Friday at 6 p.m. ET.
NASCAR Online DE JR Championship Photo Gallery

Newman passes audition...Car owner Richard Childress might have a new test driver - acting legend Paul Newman. Childress, who normally employs Mike Dillon and Dave Marcis to test his Chevrolets when regular drivers Dale Earnhardt and Mike Skinner are absent, had the Academy Award-winning actor take a couple of laps in Skinner's No. 31 Chevy Thursday during a General Motors test session at Daytona International Speedway. Full Story

Daytona testing notebook...Dave Marcis, testing the No. 31 Chevrolet driven by Mike Skinner and owned by Richard Childress, posted the fastest speed of Thursday's General Motors test session at Daytona International Speedway. Full Story

Childress Brings Both Teams To Daytona For GM Test
Schrader leads six-team test with fastest speed

Daytona Beach Beach, Fla. (Jan. 6, 1998) -- Richard Childress is so eager to win a Winston Cup championship in his 30th season of NASCAR Winston Cup racing that he jumped at the opportunity to test his two-car team Wednesday at Daytona International Speedway.
"I'm having a lot of fun today," said Childress, who fields Chevrolets for drivers Dale Earnhardt and Mike Skinner. "It's kind of like getting a fix off the smell of the fuel, tires and the engine."
But it wasn't just a day at the beach. There was plenty of work to be done in preparation for the season-opening Daytona 500, Feb. 14...more (01-07-99)

GM Teams test at Daytona...At least five General Motors NASCAR Winston Cup Series teams will open the company's first two-day test session at Daytona International Speedway on Wednesday. No less than four teams using Chevrolets -- including both of Richard Childress Racing's operations -- and one Pontiac team are scheduled to participate in the final "optional" test for the three series manufacturers at the "World Center of Racing."

Childress has listed his son-in-law, NASCAR Busch Series Grand National Division regular Mike Dillon, and veteran Dave Marcis as the two drivers for his cars. Marcis was originally scheduled to replace regular driver Mike Skinner, who is recovering from knee surgery, in the No. 31 Lowe's Chevrolet. It is uncertain whether or not seven-time NASCAR Winston Cup Series champion and defending Daytona 500 winner Dale Earnhardt will be on hand to drive Childress' No. 3 GM Goodwrench Service Plus Chevrolet.(01-06-99)(NASCAR Online)

1999 BGN Team/Driver Chart...Jayski's site has the line up for the 1999 season.(01-06-99)

Steve Park and Ron Hornaday to Sign Autographs...January 8 - 10, 1999 at the Charleston Civic Center for the West Virginia International Autoshow. Steve Park, NASCAR Winston Cup Driver -- Driver of the # 1 Penzoil Chevrolet owned by Dale Earnhardt, Inc. will be signing autographs on Saturday, January 9, 1999 from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. brought to you by Penzoil. #1 Penzoil Chevrolet Winston Cup NASCAR -- driven by Steve Park, on display throughout the show courtesy of Penzoil. NASCAR Truck Series Driver Ron Hornaday -- 1997 and 1998 NASCAR Craftsman Truck Series Champion, driver of the #16-NAPA Chevrolet C-1500 Full Size Pick-Up race truck, will be signing autographs on Saturday, January 9, 1999 from 3 p.m. to 5 p.m. brought to you by NAPA. #16 NAPA Chevrolet C-1500 Full Size Pickup Race Truck -- driven by Ron Hornaday, 1997 and 1998 NASCAR Truck Series Champion, will be on display throughout the show courtesy of NAPA.
Dale Jarrett, NASCAR Winston Cup Driver -- Driver of the #88 Quality Care Ford Taurus will be making a special appearance in the Ford display on opening night, January 8, 1999 from 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm brought to you by Ford Motor Company. Ernie Irvan, NASCAR Winston Cup Driver -- Driver of the #36 Skittles Pontiac Grand Prix will make a special appearance on Saturday, January 9, 1999 from 1:00 pm to 3:00 pm.(01-06-99)

Trickle Still Fastest at Daytona(From SpeedWorld Speed Mail 01-05-99)
Veteran NASCAR Winston Cup Series driver Dick Trickle continued his fast pace in the opening session of preseason testing Monday at Daytona International Speedway as he wrapped up Ford's initial two-day test with laps at more than 189 mph in a pair of Elliott Racing Ford Tauruses.

Trickle, the Wisconsin Rapids, Wisc., native who is only planning a full-time NASCAR Busch Series Grand National Division schedule in the Schneider National Chevrolet at this point in the season, was clocked at 189.909 mph in one No. 13 Ford and at 189.845 in the second car he tested.

Only four teams took advantage of the second day of testing.

General Motors teams, using either Chevrolets or Pontiacs, will be at the 2.5-mile track on Wednesday and Thursday preparing for the events of Speedweeks 1999, which begins on Jan. 28 with practice for the Rolex 24 At Daytona USRRC sports car race. Stock car Speedweeks begins with practice on Feb. 3.

Other drivers who tested Monday included Robert Pressley, who ran a pair of No. 77 Jasper Engines Fords with a best lap of 187.563 mph; Raybestos Rookie of the Year candidate Mike Harmon, who was at 187.274 in one of two No. 90 Big Daddy's BBQ Sauce Fords he tested, and Ricky Craven, who was clocked at 186.579 mph in the SBII Motorsports Taurus.

FORD TEST SPEEDS -- January 4, 1999
13A Dick Trickle/Ford Taurus 47.391 189.909 mph
13 Dick Trickle/Ford Taurus 47.407 189.845
77A Robert Pressley/Ford Taurus 47.984 187.563
90B Mike Harmon/Ford Taurus 48.058 187.274
58 Ricky Craven/Ford Taurus 48.237 186.579
77B Robert Pressley/Ford Taurus 48.334 186.204
90A Mike Harmon/Ford Taurus 48.461 185.716

The Callahan Report: A Wintertime Guide for NASCAR Fans. Reflecting back on the 1998 NASCAR Winston Cup season, there are more goose-bump-producing memories than there are beer cans in the infield at Daytona in February. The Auto Channel was there to cover many of those memories. They have been "stored for life" in order for race fans around the world to get through the tough winter season. Great pictures and archive articles as well as real audio clips. (01-04-98)(Sue's Winstongal Newsletter)

1999 Teams Taking Shape, a That's Racin' Report. A breakdown of the Winston Cup Teams for 1999.(01-04-99)(That's Racin') Also see, Jayski's 1999 Winston Cup Team/Driver Report.

Testing begins at Daytona (01-03-99)(NASCAR Online)

Dale Earnhardt Jr named to the 29th annual Auto Racing All-America Team. Dale Jr along with elven other drivers receive the nomination this week to the All-American Team. One of the drivers will receive the Jerry Titus Memorial Trophy, which goes to the auto racing writers' and broadcasters' driver of the year, at the banquet.(12-31-98)(SpeedWorld Online)

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Great Stories of 1998

The Life and Times of "The Intimidator"
A great article by Steve Waid, Winston Cup Scene. A must read for Earnhardt fans.

In Daddy's Eyes...(more)

In the Genes - Intimidator, son a study in opposites
Even though they share a similar genetic code, Dale Earnhardt and his son Dale Jr. couldn't seem
more different. The elder is a like your cantakerous uncle, while the younger couldn't seem more enthusiastiac and optimistic. But they both know how to go fast -- Dale Sr. is a seven-time Winston Cup champ, and Dale Jr. just won the Busch crown.(11-29-98)(By Mark Armijo, Special to SpeedNet)

The Good, Bad and Ugly by Matt McLaughlin SpeedWorld
Part 1 I'd guess a decade from now the one stellar memory of the 1998 season most of us will
recall clearly is Dale Earnhardt finally winning the Daytona 500.
Part 2 To use in an indelicate analogy, in the great punch bowl of the 50th Anniversary of NASCAR Party,
the "Five and Five" rule was the turd that floated to the top and ruined the celebration.
Part 3 Blame them on the five and five rules, blame them on restrictor plates, or in one notable case
blame them on a broken front end part. The fact remains that this year we saw more serious injuries
and frightening wrecks than in any recent year I can recall.(11-24-98)

A "Wanna Be" Sports Columnist description of a NASCAR Fan...(more)

Dale Jr. honors the generations that came before him...(more)

Dale Earnhardt on Racing with his son...(Listen Via Real Audio)

Rising Son: Earnhardt Jr. Lets Own Personality Shine Through...(more)

Dale Earnhardt Jr MCI/NASCAR Teleconference...(Listen Via Real Audio)

The Life and Times of the Intimidator
A great article by Steve Waid, Winston Cup Scene. A must read for Earnhardt fans.

Father & Son Team up with Coke

Dale Earnhardt Jr & Budweiser

Aerodynamic Alliance (Childress, Earnhardt & Petree)

Steve Park
Ron Hornaday
Kerry Earnhardt

Description of Nascar Fans??
Are you a Backwoods Ignoramous....otherwise called a "goober", that only understands "Deliverance" mentality, and at the mention of Jeff Gordons name you start
"Leaking oil from your Brain Pan"?

Do you only Boo Jeffy because you're a "Goober"? Do your bellies all peek out of Ford shirts? Were all of us NASCAR Fans born in Coon Hollow TN? Or are we Cave Dwellers?
Do you like being told your gene pool is
strictly for wading, just because you don't like
or respect
Jeff? And that you didn't even make qualifying to get into the human race?

NO?? Well, Martin Fennelly a Tampa Tribune Sports Columnist thinks that's what
All Racin Fans
that don't like or respect Jeff Gordon are like.
His article,
Gordon-haters will be angry for long time.

Read our response, along with other NASCAR Fans
response to Mr Fennelly

We encourage you to respond to him also!

The Earnhardt Theory
If you haven't taken time to read our Theory on the Future of Dale Earnhardt and DEI, you should really take just a few minutes a read the whole theory. We give our predictions as to what we think the future holds as well as news updates to support our theory.

Our little Crystal Ball isn't doing to bad right now!

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