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Bristol Racin' Pictures
Saturday - August 22, 1998

Here's a couple pictures of us at Bristol.

top left: my brother david, angela and me.  top right: wes king, david and angela
center: angela and her uncle david.  bottom: me
Yep, now you know it!  We are the CRAZY fans and we love Racin'.
And we are die-hard Dale Earnhardt fans!

Bristol Fireworks! After the Race.

Note:  All pictures on these Bristol Photo Gallery Pages were taken by me with a Nikon F-601 35mm camera with a  35-135mm zoom lens.  All pictures were taken from our seats in the Grandstands.

We had a great time at Bristol and plan to make the night race an Annual Pilgrimage!  If you ever get a chance to go, DO IT!
Hope you enjoyed these.  If you did, please
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