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March 24, 1999
Forbes puts Earnhardt high on list

spacerwhite.gif (835 bytes)Forbes Magazine, famous for their highly regarded lists of top companies, celebrities and athletes, announces in their March 22 issue the 1999 Top-40 Athletes and their newest category of the Top-100 Celebrities.
spacerwhite.gif (835 bytes)Dale Earnhardt, the seven-time NASCAR Winston Cup Series champion, makes the top-five with a fifth-place listing in the Top-40 Athlete category. Athletes making the list ahead of Earnhardt include, Michael Jordan, Tiger Woods, Michael Schumacher and Sergei Fedorov.
spacerwhite.gif (835 bytes)Behind the "Intimidator" is a list of who's who including Arnold Palmer, Oscar De LA Hoya, Wayne Gretzky, Greg Norman, Andre Agassi and Mark McGwire.
spacerwhite.gif (835 bytes)Forbes uses the formula of salaries and endorsements to compile the list, excluding merchandise royalties and other sources of income. Michael Jordan tops the list with $69 million. Earnhardt ranking fifth with $24.1 million is closing in on golfing's newest superstar, Tiger Woods, who ranks fourth with $26.8 million.
spacerwhite.gif (835 bytes)On Forbes' newest list of 100 powerful people they mixed between 40 athletes and 40 entertainers with the last 20 being from a diversified assortment of tickets to fame: speechmakers, pop clergy, chefs, super models and purveyors of self-improvement guides, among others. The 100 are awarded a power ranking that measures both income and media buzz.
spacerwhite.gif (835 bytes)The income figure is what the name earned in 1998; the buzz -- a blend of prominence on the Web, on magazine covers, on radio and television and newspaper clippings -- is, in a way, a measure of future earning power. Earnhardt's ranking is 38th in the Top 100. Others on the list include, Jerry Seinfield, Oprah Winfrey, Master P, Spice Girls, Kevin Costner, Tom Brokaw, Colin Powell, George Bush, Sr., Cindy Crawford and others.
spacerwhite.gif (835 bytes)The Forbes Magazine Power 100 list will be in the March 22 issue and will be on newsstands this weekend.

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