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Blk3GM's Dale Earnhardt Site

Dale Earnhardt has built us the finest race shop in the country Oct. 7, 1999 -

People don't believe me when I tell them about our race shop.

DEI Race Shop
Dale Earnhardt, Inc. Race Shop

On the day we had our Christmas Party at Dale Earnhardt Inc., one of the guys in the shop talked to a lady over the telephone from out of state. He apologized for the noise in the background because he said workers were setting up for the party that night. 

"Isn't that kind of tacky having a Christmas Party at a race shop?" she asked. "Couldn't you all do better?" 

He told that story a few hours later when our 108,000-square-foot, granite floor race-shop with gold leaf columns and pristine glass walls was sparkling like a Broadway show palace. The grand piano in the center of the floor was bordered by tables of food prepared by our in-house chef. 

The place had the feeling of a palace. 

I've tried to tell people I have met this year that they have to come by our race shop because you aren't going to believe anything that I tell you about it. It's that big. 

This isn't your father's old race shop.

In fact our Pennzoil race shop at DEI is about the nicest race shop in America and visitors have told us it really compares to the factory-back high-dollar shops occupied by some of the Formula One teams in Europe. 

In the Pennzoil shop we build all of our cars and engines, test them on the engine and chassis dynos, and paint them in the paint booths. It includes an upstairs for all the business offices plus Dale and Teresa's offices, as well as a workout room, private dining room, and kitchen. 

In front of the shop is a retail store where you can buy all sorts of souvenirs and see several displays of driver uniforms, cars, trophies and memorabilia like that. 

Visitors can walk to the back of the retail store where only a tall glass wall separates them from the raceshops main showroom where you see the Pennzoil transporter that takes our race car to and from the track as well as Dale's car collection. 

Sometimes you will even see me, Big E, Dale Jr. and Ron Hornaday out on the floor doing television interviews. I know they are doing a live radio broadcast from the retail store on Thursday morning plus they have lots of videos for fans to watch. 

If think this sounds like an advertisement for you to come visit our race shop then you are right. It will be open at 9 a.m. throughout this week when everyone is in town for the Charlotte race. We are on State Road 136 just south of Mooresville, N.C. 

I can take half the day and try to explain what that place is like but it's a whole lot easier if you just come and see for yourself. 

Stock car racing sure has grown since the day they were racing on dirt as a hobby. Once you see how big and sophisticated our race shop is you will see just how sophisticated this sport has become. And I won't have to spend time convincing you of that.

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Dale Earnhardt Home

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