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New Monte Carlo put on hold
April 10, 1999 Associated Press

BRISTOL, Tenn. -- Chevrolet's struggles to get its new Monte Carlo on the track during the 1999 Winston Cup season ended Saturday.
spacerwhite.gif (835 bytes)General Motors Corp. announced that it was halting its bid to win NASCAR's approval of the new car in time to get it on the track this year, and that the 2000 Monte Carlo's Winston Cup debut would wait until next year.
spacerwhite.gif (835 bytes)Since most Chevrolet teams had been operating for several weeks on the assumption that the new car would not be ready this year, Saturday's announcement was a mere formality.
spacerwhite.gif (835 bytes)Chevrolet marketing general manager Kurt Ritter said that even if NASCAR were to approve the car immediately, Monte Carlo teams don't think they could get a car ready this year without jeopardizing their 1999 title chances.
spacerwhite.gif (835 bytes)"We cannot ask them to take such a risk," Ritter said.
spacerwhite.gif (835 bytes)Chevrolet's 12-month quest to get the Monte Carlo approved by the sport's sanctioning body has resulted in a car that, according to Ritter, would be "uncompetitive on the race track."
spacerwhite.gif (835 bytes)NASCAR officials elected against responding to Ritter's assessment.
spacerwhite.gif (835 bytes)GM said the decision to delay the introduction of the race car would not affect the street version of the 2000 Monte Carlo, which remains on schedule for retail delivery late this summer.

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